Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

For a normal interior and exterior detail, it can take anywhere from 6 to 18 hours depending on the condition of the car and how much work is needed. 

For a paint polishing we like to keep the car for at least 20 hours, to make absolute sure the paint reaches the best result possible.

A ceramic coating is a multi-step process that begins with paint correction. The ceramic coating must then have time to cure before driving the car. In total, a ceramic coating will take 2-3 days.

How thorough do you get when working on the car?

We are incredibly thorough with our cleaning and do not leave an inch of the car dirty. We clean areas in the interior such as under seats, storage spaces, trunks, seats, dashboards, center consoles, door panels, door jams, and windows. On the exterior, we make sure the paint is in the best condition and comes out as healthy and shiny as possible. Wheels, windows, underbody, paint, and trim are cleaned and restored to the best condition possible.


Do you offer mobile services?

We do not yet offer mobile services. All vehicles must be dropped off at our location. Mobile services will be offered in the near future for standard details only. Paint polishing/correcting and ceramic coating jobs must be completed at our location.

What kind of ceramic coating do you use?

Our ceramic coating is a 10H hardness coating made out of graphene, one of the strongest ceramic coatings out there!

It offers top of the line water resistance, glossiness, and UV protection and some of the best resistance for bird droppings, scratches, bugs, and rock chips.

How can I maintain my polished paint?

To prevent any scratches to your paint job you can get a ceramic coating, offering 100% protection to the paint job. 

Other than a ceramic coating, there aren't many ways to protect your paint. There are ways to try and prevent scratches such as avoiding contact with the paint, not using automatic car washes, and have your car professionally cleaned for proper paint management.

Why get my car detailed rather than clean it myself?

There are many ways to accidently ruin the interior or exterior of your car without professional methods.

Here at Attentive auto detailing, we not only make sure your car looks amazing, but we make sure to take care of the car using methods that won't effect any of the car's work. such as exterior cleaning, making sure that the paint does not get scratched when washing the car.

What kind of products do you use?

We use some of the best products available for car detailing from companies such as Gyeon, Adams Polishes and Rupes. These are specialized products that won't negatively affect your car. 

Many products that you find at stores like Walmart or O'reileys cause parts of your car to dry out or crack over time. 

If you have other questions, fill out this form and we'll answer them.