Paint Polishing

Scratches or swirls in paint come from everyday use, no matter what. Paint can get scratched from dirt, improper washing of the car, road grime or tar, brushing or rubbing on the paint, and improper car polishing. Paint correcting is a method of removing any scratches, swirls, and oxidation that is on the clear coat. It is followed by a paint polishing that leaves a nice shiny and glossy finish giving your paint a good reset.

                     What We Do

To start the paint correction the surface is perfectly cleaned, prepared and evaluated. Every car can respond differently, so we will assess what your car needs to achieve the best possible results. The assessment will determine the clear coat depth and strength, and how many polishing steps will be required for full correction.  We will communicate the results of this assessment to you immediately and discuss the best corrective steps to proceed with.

A layer of clear coat will then be removed, leveling the clear coat.  This allows us to get to the bottom of the scratches and defects.

Leveling will still leave micro scratches, so it is followed up with a multi-step polishing. Polishing will remove any holograms and fine scratches that remained from the previous steps. Your car will be left with a perfectly shiny and reflective surface. 

Interested in getting your car paint polished?